Ardimages is a film and television production

company with offices in Paris and London.


  With over 40 years of experience in the French media industries, TV host and producer Thierry Ardisson founded Ardimages in 2013. In France, Ardimages’ sister company NoLiTa Cinema has notably produced Les Souvenirs and Il a déjà tes yeux.


  In 2016, BAFTA-nominated producer Manon Ardisson (God’s Own Country, La Soledad) launched Ardimages UK to develop their international slate, aiming to make films and TV content that are grounded yet aspirational and to amplify voices that are not currently given enough relevance within mainstream media.


  Ardimages UK is currently in development on a variety of film and television projects with partners such as SKY Studios, Scope Pictures, Clipper Media Capital, the BFI and Film4.